Thursday, July 24, 2008


Tampa's Ahmed Mohamed's remote control car video has gone operational in Iraq !  Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, 24, an engineering graduate student and teaching asst at USF, pled guility to terrorism charges for demonstrating how to use explosives. According to officials familiar with the case, Mohamed was also arrested in Egypt on terrorism-related charges. He produced a YouTube Internet video showing how to build a remote-controlled car bomb.

Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed Pled Guilty to Providing Material Support to Terrorists, on the hard drive of Mohamed’s laptop computer was an audio/video recording, approximately twelve minutes in length, produced by Defendant Mohamed. In that recording, Defendant Mohamed personally demonstrated and explained, in Arabic, how a remote-control toy car could be disassembled and how the components of its chassis could be rewired and converted into a detonator for an explosive device.

Sometime in July 2007, Defendant Mohamed had uploaded the aforementioned twelve-minute audio/video recording to the YouTube website. The audio/video recording that Defendant Mohamed produced was thus made accessible for viewing by others, both in the United States and abroad, through the internet. The recording was accessed hundreds of times by other persons.

Following quote is supposedly an English translation made available today 7/23/2008 of the remote control car bomb. "This post from al-Firdaws Forum is actually related to al-Ekhlaas and one of their major achievements in the field of technology. This is certainly going to give the US Administration a gigantic headache. This is what the Admin of al-Firdaws had to share: Bismillahi ar-Rahmani Ar-Rahim, There are very glad tidings for the Mujahideen and their supporters, AlhamdulillahThe electronic engineers in Al-Ekhlaas Jihadi Forum (AHMED MOHAMED) invented a way to remote-control cars without the need of a driver!

They have made a long research with images in how to do it, and they claimed it worked successfully. Can you imagine how much this will help the Mujahideen?? They can now do huge and MANY operations without the need of martyrdom bombers.. Allahu Akbar.. that means they can kill many Kuffar (US Soldiers) in each operation without losing any Mujahid. Insha’Allah this research will be considered seriously by the Mujahideen and can be improved and enhanced. This reminded me when the Mujahideen forced down a spying plane, and then used it against the Iraqi Police after re-constructing it.. which was a precedent in the field of “remote-controlling”. Insha’Allah we are going to hear very good news from the lands of Jihad when they start applying this idea.

Allahu Akbar.. the Might belongs to Islam, but the hypocrites do not know
The link on the al-Ekhlaas forum regarding this major news can be accessed
here. The document which the al-Ekhlaas forum is spreading regarding this major setback for Washington can be accessed here.  
Some will look at this news item and mumble, “look at these terrorists…” But why! Why, when the American’s have their own remote-controlled robots which they use on the battlefield? Why can’t the Muslim’s have remote-controlled weapons which they can use on the battlefield? Is it because these people want Muslims to remain inferior in technology? Let such people know that the victory is in the hands of Allah and not anything else.

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