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Ahmedabad India blasts: Owners of four stolen cars questioned....................................................................................
Death toll in India bomb attacks at least 45, the 4 stolen cars all had fake licesnse plates installed. AL-QAEDA Stolen car racket linked to the bombings.

Investigators of the Ahmedabad serial explosions and the planting of bombs in Surat have found a new trend among terrorists strapping explosives on gas cylinders, a move to multiply the damage. "We have found live bombs linking with gas cylinders. This is a new trend which we have witnessed in Gujarat," a senior National Security Guard (NSG) official said. "The trend of using nails, screws, ball bearings and bags are similar with previous blasts which rocked different parts of the country. But placing of gas cylinder along with the bombs was new," he said. On July 27, two WagonR cars were recovered from Surat with full of explosives and gas cylinders. However, the bombs were defused before they could explode.

NAVI MUMBAI/MUMBAI: The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) probing the theft of cars used in the Ahmedabad blasts is now questioning the owners of the cars stolen from Navi Mumbai. The four cars were stolen on the nights of July 7 and July 14, both Tuesdays. Police said they are trying to get information from the cars' owners about the circumstances in which the vehicles were stolen.

Police said the Wagon R (MH-43-R-3569), stolen from Vashi and found abandoned with explosives in Surat with a fake number plate (GJ-6-CD-3569), belongs to Neeta Madhav of Sector 6 in Vashi.A second car, stolen from Panvel (MH-06 8294), was also abandoned in Surat with explosives. It is owned by Pradeep Vaylar of Panvel. The thieves put a fake number plate (GJ-6-CD-8294) on it too.The third vehicle, a Maruti 800 (MH-05-H-5764), was used in the LG Hospital blast in Ahmedabad with a fake number plate (GJ-6-CD-5764). It was owned by Raj Kumar Oberoi from Nerul. The fourth car (MH-06-AF-9719) was stolen from Panvel and used in the civil hospital blast with a fake number plate (GJ-6-CD-9817).

It belonged to Narsappa Nageshwar of Panvel.When TOI visited the row house of Neeta Madhav, it was found locked. Even the neighbours have been asked to be alert and not talk to anyone about the Madhav family's whereabouts. ATS sleuths also approached the Navi Mumbai car showroom from where Madhav had bought the vehicle in March.

An activist of the banned SIMI (linked to al-Qaeda) who was wanted in the 2002 Gujarat riots was arrested on Sunday 7/27/08, from the walled city area after a combing operation for his alleged connections to the Ahmedabad blasts. ( Watch Video)

Police arrested Abdul Halim, who had gone into hiding after the riots and remained untraceable so far. "There were reports that he was in hiding in Delhi and we had intimidated Delhi Police as well. After receiving some specific inputs about his whereabouts, the crime branch arrested him during a combing operation," Ahmedabad Joint Commissioner of Police Ashish Bhatia said. Bhatia said Halim was arrested in connection with Saturday's blasts in Ahmedabad that claimed 45 lives. Halim was wanted by the cops for enticing disgruntled youths from the riot victims' refugee camps in and around Ahmedabad and taking them to Uttar Pradesh. "From there an organised network was engaged in sending these youths across the border for training purpose and Halim was a part of this network. Currently he is being interrogated," said Bhatia.

The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) was formed in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh state, in April 1977. The stated mission of SIMI is the ‘liberation of India’ from western materialistic cultural influence and to convert it into an Islamic society. This organization is believed by many, including the Government of India, to be involved in terrorism. It was banned by the Indian Government in 2002, for its involvement in terror activities in India. Fears exist in government circles that it has been penetrated by Al-Qaeda. It is suspected that SIMI is now also operating under the name of Indian Mujahideen, an outfit that has taken responsibility for the 2008 Ahmedabad and Jaipur blasts.

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