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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Serbian fugitive Miladin Kovacevic hiding in Novi Sad to avoid prosecution for beating a Brooklyn Jewish student, his Serb family has powerful ties in Serbia's government, linked to "Butcher of the Balkans", fav band Pro Pain "In For The Kill"


Miladin Kovacevic (photo) is a Serb from Kula, his two pals, Edi Dzubur, 24, and Sanel Softic, 21, are Bosnian's. A Broome County grand jury, in Binghamton NY, upgraded the charges against Softic and Dzubur to one felony count of first-degree assault and one felony count of gang assault.
The charges carry the same penalties as attempted murder, a minimum of five years in state prison. This whole gang beat down of the Jewish college student and fleeing the USA has Hate Crime written all over it ! See INTERPOL international wanted poster, click here.

During an interview last week, Kovacevic's mother, Branka, accused the family of the beating victim, 135-pound Bryan Steinhauer a Jewish college student from Brooklyn NY, of exaggerating the extent of his injuries to collect more insurance money. (What the hell, because their Jews ?) She said that her son, who is a student at New York state’s Binghamton University, experienced “serious torture“ while in prison, after being thrown in with “the worst criminals“, and received death threats.
The American ambassador to Serbia said Wednesday ,7/16/08, brutally beaten college student, Bryan Steinhauer, was in grim shape and implored the Serbian government to hand over the hulking fugitive charged in the case. Bryan Steinhauer of Brooklyn "weighs less than 99 pounds and is unable to eat" or speak, Ambassador Cameron Munter said in a stinging statement. "He remains in a coma after 2-1/2 months." Munter was countering recent reports in the Serbian media that suggested Steinhauer, 22, was in good condition after he was pummeled on May 4 at a Binghamton University bar, allegedly by Miladin Kovacevic. "This was not an ordinary bar fight," the ambassador said. "As he lay on the floor, Steinhauer was repeatedly kicked in the face and head, to the point where he had multiple fractures on both sides of his face and his skull."
See Broome County bail receipt and partial Binhamton police report at this link, click here.

Branka also told reporters that Miladin was also not allowed to talk to a lawyer, and decided to leave the U.S. after receiving threatening phone calls, adding that he is currently “in his place of residence”. “We realized that we had to go. It was better to die on the way or disappear together than to disappear over there,” she said.

One source who knows the family said the headstrong Branka has gotten her son out of local scrapes with the law before he went to Virginia to play high-school basketball, as a teenager he had been picked up by the police in Novi Sad.

Press Release...Binghamton University men's basketball set to join BU in 2007 were are 6-foot-9 forward Miladin Kovacevic Belgrade, Serbia/Paul VI High, Fairfax Va. and 6-foot-9 forward Lazar Trifunovic, Belgrade, Serbia/Secondary Railway Technical School. Minja is a very big, strong young man, just beginning to mature as a basketball player,". Paul VI High is a basketball mill with thirty five of it's players going on to play college ball (in the last 6 years), while 10 have competed professionally.

A former Binghamton University classmate named Chris, who recently graduated, described Kovacevic as "a real asshole." "He was really aggressive with the ladies," he said. "He is a terrible basketball player. They brought him on the team so that he could keep the star forward [another Serbian] happy." In Binghamton, Chris said Kovacevic "was a constant fixture on State Street," where several popular college bars are located, showing up at the "Rat" all the time and ruling the roost.

On the Binghamton Univ. Basketball Q & A of Miladin Kovacevic;
Q:: Other than my parents, the person who has had the most influence on me is and why...
A:: My godfather, Bogdan Brakus, he taught me a lot about things concerning my country that I base some of my fundamental, political and social beliefs on now.

Miladin Kovacevic favorite band (photo above) is Pro Pain a New York City based hard core heavy metal death "Skinhead" band currently playing in Europe that fits the Neo Nazi profile, see one of their videos here , "IN FOR THE KILL"
GARY MESKIL PRO PAIN.... No, I don't think so. There is a mix of kids in the crowd ranging from the more younger punks and skinheads, backpackers I guess you would call them, to old school hard core to old school metal. Just regular guys. I think it is a nice mix. I think it is because we don't have that mentality of being some type of subculture or a gang mentality. We don't alienate our audience and I think it has shown over the years that if you are an old school metal head, you are not going to be reluctant to go down to a PRO-PAIN show.

On the Binghamton University web blog pages there are numerous postings by females who claimed Miladin Kovacevis had sexually and physically assaulted them, but since Binghamton is such a small town with no place to hide, none of the females came forward with complaints to the police.

Meanwhile, it has been widely reported that Kovacevic was bounced off the Binghamton University basketball team not just for being a terrible player but for assaulting a high school recruit.

What Miladin Kovacevis did was way over the top, you don't stomp an unconscious dude unless you want to kill him or make a point, Miladin Kovacevis did both.

Miladin Kovacevic's family is from Kula In Vojvodina Serbia, a city of 43,000 that's about a 90-minute drive north of Belgrade. Kovacevic's father, Peter , is an orthopedic surgeon who spent four years as an army surgeon during the 1990s Bosnian conflict.

Miladin Kovacevic's is believed to be hiding in Serbia, a Serbian newspaper reported Wednesday, 6/25/08, that Kovacevic had been spotted in the northern city of Novi Sad and in his nearby hometown of Kula.

Kula and Novi Sad Serbia are the home to the Neo-Nazi group the "National Formation" aka Nacionalni stroj see their Novi Sad Serbia riot video here and 3 other Neo-naxi groups including "Blood and Honour" . The Neo Nazi groups have been based in the Novi Sad- Kula area of Serbia for the last 15 years.

The elder Kovacevic, a giant himself at 6-foot-5, was a supporter of Slobodan "Butcher of the Balkans" Milosevic throughout the tumultuous 1990s that saw the strongman inflict regional and ethnic violence on Serbia's neighbors. He was called the "Butcher of the Balkans" because of the ethnic cleansing campaign, in which Bosnian Serbs (the new super race) systematically killed Bosnian Muslims.

Sources who know the father said he shared many of Milosevic's extreme Serb nationalist views (supremest group) and felt that all the attention being devoted to his son's flight from the law stemmed from prejudice.

Kovacevic's father, Peter said "All around the world, they spread the lies that the Serbs only care about themselves," he told The Post last week. "This is simply not the case. There is a worldwide conspiracy against Serbia and they are always showing us in a bad light."

Peter has many friends throughout Belgrade police and Serbian national law-enforcement authorities, because he is often used as an expert witness in court to describe a crime victim's injuries, sources said. He is now suffering from cancer and failing kidneys that require regular treatments at the Military Hospital in Belgrade.

Kovacevic's mother, Branka, is a 6-foot-1 psychiatrist who also frequently appears as an expert witness on behalf of prosecutors to describe the sanity of defendants or the psychological damage suffered by victims. She also treats her psychiatric clients in the finished basement of their sprawling, ranch-style home.

Meanwhile, more details emerged of the vicious beating the hulking Miladin Kovacevic - nicknamed Minja - and his two pals, Edi Dzubur, 24, and Sanel Softic, 21, who are Bosnian's, allegedly unleashed on Steinhauer at Rathskeller bar in Binghamton, the two men charged in the brutal beating of an upstate New York college student that has gained international attention are now in jail.

Broome County Judge Martin Smith ordered Sanel Softic and Edin Dzubur held pending a July 7 hearing on whether their bail will be increased now that authorities have upgraded the assault charges against them. Both men had been free on $10,000 bail since being charged with beating Bryan Steinhauer, a Binghamton University honors student who has been in a coma since the May 4 attack at a downtown Binghamton bar.

People who knew Miladin Kovacevic in Binghamton described him as intelligent and a bit of hothead who liked guns and cigars. One of Kovacevic's teammates - who also did not want his name printed - said the massive Serbian could bench press 350 pounds and squat 500 pounds.

"If you saw him, he was a monster," said one fellow student. "No one gave him a problem because of his size. He was huge."Steinhauer, on the other hand, was a quiet honors student who never bothered anybody (5' 6" tall 135 lbs). "He was the nerdy kid who sat in the back of the classroom and nobody really picked on because he didn't bother anyone," one classmate said.

See video of "Pro Pain", Miladin Kovacevic's favorite heavy metal Skinhead band with "IN FOR THE KILL" how appropriate.
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