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Serbia investigates diplomats who assisted escape ; ASSOCIATED PRESS, Originally published 12:47 p.m., July 16, 2008.

BELGRADE, SERBIA (AP) - Serbia's state prosecutor is investigating two diplomats, former Deputy Consul Igor Milosevic and former New York boss, Consul General Slobodan Nenadovic, who allegedly helped a Serbian student wanted in the United States flee to his home country (with a duplicate passport). Miladin Kovacevic, 21, faces assault charges in the United States for allegedly severely beating schoolmate Bryan Steinhauer during a May 4 bar fight.

Steinhauer, 22, remains hospitalized on life support, his weight down to less than 98 pounds. Kovacevic had been recruited to play basketball for Binghampton University in northern New York state. He was detained in the United States after the fight, but fled to Serbia in June after he was freed on bail. As a condition of his release, Kovacevic had surrendered his Serbian passport, but Deputy Consul Igor Milosevic reportedly furnished Kovacevic with new travel documents (duplicate passport).

Igor Milosevic and another employee involved in the case, his New York boss, Consul General Slobodan Nenadovic, have already been withdrawn from the United States (BOTH FIRED BY SERBIAN GOVERNMENT) and face disciplinary measures in Serbia. State prosecutor Slobodan Radovanovic said Wednesday a probe was under way to determine "possible criminal responsibility." No other details were immediately available.

NEW YORK --B92 News.. Serbian Vice Consul to the United States Igor Milošević has been relieved of his duties (fired) and a disciplinary procedure has been launched against him.This was confirmed by the Serbian Foreign Ministry on Sunday.The move came after suspicion that, by issuing an illegal emergency passport, the diplomat allowed Serbian national Milan Kovačević, indicted of attempted murder in the city of Binghamton, U.S., to flee the country.

See Broome County bail receipt of 6/06/08, above, signed by Serbian Consulate offical Igor Milosevic, Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia, 62 W45th St, 7th floor, New York NY 10036 and partial Binhamton police report at this link, click here.

BELGRADE -- B92 News The government has decided to relieve (fire) the Serbian consul-general in New York of his duties in today's phone conference. Slobodan Nenadović is the Serbian diplomat said to have been involved in issuing a new passport to a Serbian national undergoing trial in the United States.

AS PER THE NY DAILY NEWS....The disgraced diplomat, Vice Consul Igor Milosevic, who helped a Serbian jock flee the U.S. after the vicious beating of a Brooklyn student skulked into his homeland Friday - facing posible criminal charges of taking a bribe to issue Miladin Kovacevic and "emegency passport".

The diplomat, absent since hulking hoopster Miladin Kovacevic jumped $100,000 bail with his help, was fired for issuing an illegal emergency passport to the SUNY-Binghamton student, a source told the Daily News. Vice Consul Igor Milosevic was swayed by mother Branka Kovacevic's tears, he said to a high-ranking Serbian government source - although they will investigate whether a bribe was also involved.

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