Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RESPONSE TO WBTV: "Pro Al-Qaeda Web site Run by a Charlotte Man" Samir Khan Speaks !

The following "Response" was penned by the Al-Qaeda facilitator Samir Khan who lives with his parents on Tradition View Dr in Charlotte NC and spews out the message of Al-Qaeda 24/7 from his computer.

Samir Khan was formerly employed at Convergys Corp in Charlotte, Convergys is a Internet Call Center and is part of a $2.5 Billion dollar contract with the US Federal Government, what the hell was this guy doing there ! I see in the not too distant future, FBI agents raiding the Khan residense and taking every computer in the joint !

AS per Samir Khan.....Recently, a news station has done a report on our blog (for the sake of ratings of course). They have done a report previously, but we didn’t bother showing it since it was completely useless. This time however, in addition to their useless reporting, they threw lies upon the blog (for more ratings).

The thing is, it doesn’t only stop there; it goes beyond this and into the frail of the backwards hypocrisy of American law as well as the mindset of the Islamophobes.
To read the report and watch the video, click

AS per Samir Khan....On the WBTV video, Starting at 1:28 all the way till 1:42, we have never ever seen these video footage’s before. In fact, we don’t know where on our website they accessed such videos. It seems to us that they went to YouTube and searched for Jihadi videos and then associated it with our website (unless they think we own YouTube).

As per Samir Khan.....We haven’t seen any video footage of the dead American hanging from the back of the truck nor children singing songs. This is an example of a white American lie. They associate something to us which is not true and use the most delicate words to capture the emotions of the people.

As per Samir khan...These people have attempted to lied about the blog in order to destroy the image that is presented. We ask the American people to harshly question WBTV in their attempt to bring footage’s which have never been presented on this blog before. In fact, we challenge WBTV to show us where they found this footage on our blog. To us, it is clear that they showed these images in order to destroy the image of the blog. So in turn, we will destroy the image of WBTV to the American public and expose them for their lies and hypocrisy.

AS per Samir Khan......Anyone who attempts to ambush us in their “interviews” unfairly will have their credibility and trustworthiness humiliated. Secondly, in the beginning of the video, they mention that they are “investigating” this blog. Just what exactly are they “investigating”?

Bill Warner
private investigator
Sarasota Fl

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