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Moroccan USF Grad Gets 6 Months In Weapons Case.
The Tampa Tribune, Published: July 15, 2008

TAMPA - A Moroccan native here on a student visa will serve three months in prison for shooting a rifle with friends at a local gun range. Karim Moussaoui was convicted in April of a federal weapons charge for possessing a firearm, which violates his visa. Moussaoui said he was simply posing with the rifle for pictures.

U.S. District Judge James D. Whittemore didn't buy it. "He possessed it, he fired it, he shouldered it three times," the judge said Monday afternoon after reviewing a videotape obtained from the shooting range. Whittemore sentenced Moussaoui to six months at Coleman Correctional Facility (FEDERAL PRISON), about 70 miles northeast of Tampa. Moussaoui will get credit for three months already served in Pinellas and Citrus county jails.

Attorney DeeAnn Athan said her client's arrest and subsequent charges are based on the government's assumption that Moussaoui is implicated with others involved in terrorist acts. (look at the pic, he had a rifle in his hands and his pal is convicted terrorist Ahmed Mohamed).

Tampa, Florida June 18 2008 - United States Attorney Robert E. O'Neill announced that Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, a 26 year old resident of Tampa and a past USF student,, has entered a guilty plea to Count One, in which he is charged with providing material support to terrorists. The maximum penalty defendant Mohamed faces is fifteen years’ imprisonment. Subsequent FBI analysis of Defendant Mohamed’s laptop computer recovered from the car he was in disclosed a large number of file folders containing information relating to the manufacture and use of bombs, rockets, and other explosives, including several video recordings showing the use of such devices to attack and destroy manned United States military vehicles.

Also on the hard drive of Mohamed’s laptop computer was an audio/video recording, approximately twelve minutes in length, produced by Defendant Mohamed. In that recording, Defendant Mohamed personally demonstrated and explained, in Arabic, how a remote-control toy car could be disassembled and how the components of its chassis could be rewired and converted into a detonator for an explosive device. Sometime in July 2007, Defendant Mohamed had uploaded the aforementioned twelve-minute audio/video recording to the YouTube website. The audio/video recording that Defendant Mohamed produced was thus made accessible for viewing by others, both in the United States and abroad, through the internet. The recording was accessed hundreds of times by other persons.

Following his arrest, Defendant Mohamed (a USF student at the time) was interviewed and, among other matters, addressed the aforementioned audio/video recording. He stated that he filmed the video and then uploaded it onto YouTube. He stated that his purpose in producing the audio/video recording was to teach "martyrdoms" and "suiciders" how to save themselves so they could continue to fight the invaders. He said that he considered the United States military, and those fighting with the United States military in Arab countries, to be invaders. He said that he intended the technology demonstrated in his audio/video recording to be used against those who fight for the United States.

Moussaoui, a University of South Florida graduate, had gone to the Shoot Straight Tampa shooting range last summer with a friend, Youssef Megahed. Moussaoui admitted to holding a .22-caliber rifle Megahed had rented while posing for pictures. Megahed is a legal, permanent resident of the United States, which allowed him to posses and rent the weapon. Moussaoui's status as a nonimmigrant alien made his handling of the gun illegal.

Moussaoui testified he had no idea his actions were illegal. Investigators found snapshots of Moussaoui holding the firearm when they confiscated Megahed's computer during a traffic stop in South Carolina on Aug. 4. Deputies had pulled over Megahed and another former USF student, Ahmed Mohamed, after becoming suspicious of their car and, according to authorities, found explosive materials in the trunk. Both were charged with transporting explosives.
Monk also attempted to link Moussaoui to Mohamed's video, saying Moussaoui had seen the video and ultimately had alternative motives for being at the shooting range. "I'm stunned," Athan said when the judge asked her to respond. "So we stand here at the final hour and Mr. Monk drops this bomb on us." "I'm absolutely convinced," Whittemore said to Moussaoui, "that you did not testify credibly to the jury."
Moussaoui's attorney, DeeAnn Athan appears to have no clue as to the numerous Islamic radical plots to blow up planes in mid air, set off explosives in our subways, poison our food and water, or blow up the CDC in Atalnta to expose small-pox , all geared to kill US citizens, her client is linked to (his pal) terrorist Ahmed Mohamed who admits to helping terrorists with a video showing how car bombs can be controlled by a remote-controlled toy !

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