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E-MAIL FROM THE DELUSIONAL "SIN", aka F. FILIPI FOUNDER OF THE SERBIAN ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE & PART TIME NYC RAPPER; All of the following statements by "SIN" aka Filip Filipi, sent to me in an e-mail, are not true and exhibit the deep seated hatred "SIN" aka Filip Filipi has towards the USA and all people of the Jewish faith, he needs a consult with his pal's mom, psychiatrist Branka Kovacevic. People like "SIN" aka F. Filipi, they don't have access to all the info the police had--and their comments are completely ridiculous," said Binghamton Police Captain Alex Minor.

UPDATE....The American ambassador to Serbia said Wednesday ,7/16/08, brutally beaten college student, Bryan Steinhauer, was in grim shape and implored the Serbian government to hand over the hulking fugitive charged in the case. Bryan Steinhauer of Brooklyn "weighs less than 99 pounds and is unable to eat" or speak, Ambassador Cameron Munter said in a stinging statement. "He remains in a coma after 2-1/2 months." Munter was countering recent reports in the Serbian media that suggested Steinhauer, 22, was in good condition after he was pummeled on May 4 at a Binghamton University bar, allegedly by Miladin Kovacevic. "This was not an ordinary bar fight," the ambassador said. "As he lay on the floor, Steinhauer was repeatedly kicked in the face and head, to the point where he had multiple fractures on both sides of his face and his skull."

----- Original Message -----
Sin ( )
Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2008 6:11 PM
Subject: Do NOT extradite Miladin Kovacevic
(E- mail also sent to Binghamton TV station, see below)

*Please note primary sources for all claims below are in (brackets) to avoid having the actual version of events dismissed as hearsay.

The story goes as follows:
Miladin Kovacevic, the son of 2 doctors from Serbia, was a student at Binghamton University in upstate New York on a basketball scholarship. He had no previous criminal record and was by all accounts a "gentle giant". The problem ensued when Bryan Steinhauer, who's parents are house friends of Hilary Clinton, in a drunken rage, proceeded to sexually assault Melissa Cartagena (He didn't even touch me!" a sobbing Melissa Cartagena screamed in the car at her boyfriend, Sanel Softic, according to one of several detailed statements in an 80-page police report obtained by The Post). and head butt her boyfriend Senal Softic(

Steinhauer then informed the crowd "his father could replace any cop in the city" and Softic "didn't know who he was f---ing with". He was proven right in these statements as Binghamton Police Captain Alex Minor WENT AGAINST THE INITIAL POLICE REPORT GIVEN TO THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS and stated to Fox News that Steinhauer didn't grope or attack anyone(

To prove his second point, Senator Chuck Schumer, "coincidently" out of all the bar fights in the US decided to champion this one and the story exploded to the media. The unpleasant truth is in fact that Schumer is vehemently supporting this only because he is financially supported by the Albanian American Civic Alliance and thus paid to be anti-Serbian whenever he can (

Mr Kovacevic then came to the aid of his friend and was hit by the much smaller but extremely intoxicated and drugged Steinhauer. Kovacevic then proceeded to push Steinhauer to the ground at which point Senal Softic and Edin Dzubur became involved in a physical confrontation which ultimately led to Steinhauer being knocked unconscious

Softic has recently changed his mind and interpreted Miladin's return to Serbia as an admission of guilt, and in typical Bosnian Muslim fashion, is now blaming everything on the Serb. (

Considering the FACT America has sided against Serbia in the last 3 wars (Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo) and that Serbian nationals tend to die while on trial in US governed courts, (WHAT SERBS DIE ON TRIAL IN THE USA?) Miladin decided to flee to his native country where he will get a fair trail. This is not unusual and a similar scenario occurred when Samuel Sheinbein, who was American born and raised, fled to Israel to avoid facing a murder trial in Maryland. America accepted this and didn't cut any aid to Israel(

Only when America ITSELF begins showing respect to international law, will the US media not be dismissed as political propaganda tool by the rest of the world.

(Filip Filipi aka "SIN" was reported as the CEO of 1389 Records and of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2005, there is no further info on either business, Filip Filipi is currently in NYC).

PS -- 3 million Serbs lost their lives fighting the Nazi's in WW2, the statements in your blog (Private Investigator Bill Warner) are disgusting and immoral.
(Neo-Nazis are now OPERATING in Novi Sad Serbia see video here)

The facebook frenzy over Miladin Kovacevic continues to grow. Over 1300 people have become members of the "Do Not Extradite Miladin Kovacevic" facebook group, but other groups like "Extradite Miladin Kovacevic" and "Justice for Bryan" are also gaining attention. Our last report on Thursday quoted comments from the "Do Not Extradite Miladin Kovacevic" group and has drawn the attention--and anger of the founder.

In a letter to us, Filip Filipi claims that Steinhauer was the instigator, saying "having spoken to many people who were present during this incident, I've come to learn that Bryan Steinhauer was in fact the instigator." But Binghamton Police Captain Alex Minor's details from the police reports say otherwise. "None of the witnesses at the bar who talked to us said anything about Steinhauer being the aggressor" said Minor.

Filipi says that "Steinhauer informed the crowd" that "his father can 'replace any cop in the city" but police have no records of this statement. "Do you know if Steinhauer told the crowd his dad can replace any cop in the city? That's news to me that's in no place in the report" said Minor.

But the founder also believes "Steinhauer proceeded to grope the girlfriend of one of Miladin's friends" but there seems to be some confusion again. Melissa Cartenga did say she was groped--but not by Steinhauer. "Steinhauer didn't commit any type of sexual assault or victimized...No. I think someone probably did grab her, I don't believe it was Steinhauer. She told us it wasn't Steinahuer," said Minor.

Then the founder says "[Steinhauer] He then attacked," but there are no records of Steinhauer assaulting anyone. "Steinhauer didn't inflict any violence on to anyone--there's no witnesses account of him inflicting injuries on anybody," said Minor.

But the founder claims that Miladin was "enraged" by the supposed attack on him and had to "defend himself." "Miladin is at least a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier--No--I don't think there is any way that Miladin would have to protect himself from Brian Steinhauer--but even if anybody was defending themselves and they used this kind of force--it would be ruled excessive," said Minor.

Many members believe that Americans are unjustly singling out Miladin because he's Serbian--but in Binghamton, Captain Minor explains that if you commit a crime, you'll get arrested--no one gets special preference. "We don't pick them--they do it--they commit the crime, we do our investigation and we make the arrests--we don't pick who we arrest," said Minor.

But the founder of the facebook site says that Miladin decided to flee "after weighing the current state of the judicial system," yet... "If the justice system was really that prejudice against him--they wouldn't have let him out of on any amount of bail--they would've kept him in jail," said Minor.

Captain Minor says people are simply misinformed and hopes they consider the eye-witnesses' accounts of what occurred that night."These are individuals who have no direct knowledge--None whatsoever of what happened at that bar. They're listening to one side of the story, they don't have access to all the information the police had--and their comments are completely ridiculous," said Minor.

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