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Dr. Milan "Mico" Kovacevic, Serb War Criminal and the "Red Berets Special S/S Police Squad" out of Kula Serbia. Kula Serbia has been in the news for the last several months due to the International incident caused by the Serbian Government consulate in New York City providing a duplicate passport for indicted and out on $100,000 bail on June 6th, Miladin "Minja" Kovacevic. Miladin Kovacevic brutally beat and stomped Jewish colleg student, Bryan Steinhauer in a Binghamton NY bar on May 4th. Miladin Kovacevic fled the USA on the duplicte passport out of Newark NJ airport with his mother Branka to Germany and then back home to Kula Serbia, where Dr. Branka Kovacevic lives with her husband Dr. Petar Kovacevic.

Kula Serbia....Dr. Petar Kovacevic, the father of Serb thug Mialdin Kovacevic, a giant himself at 6-foot-5, was a supporter of Slobodan "Butcher of the Balkans" Milosevic throughout the tumultuous 1990s that saw the strongman inflict regional and ethnic violence on Serbia's neighbors. Dr. Petar Kovacevic is an orthopedic surgeon who spent four years as an Serbian army surgeon during the Bosnian conflict, (the 1992-95 war in Bosnia).

Slobodan Milosevic was called the "Butcher of the Balkans" because of the ethnic cleansing campaign, in which Bosnian Serbs systematically killed Bosnian Muslims at concentration camps, such as Camp Omarska . Slobodan Milosevic's lawyer at his War Crimes Trial in the Hague was Veselin Cerovic, the current lawyer for Serb giant Miladin Kovacevic.

The man responsible for the day-to-day administration of Camp Omarska concentration camp was Dr. Milan Kovacevic (his photo above with headset), and an anaesthetist by profession. Dr. Milan Kovacevic was a bear of a man (very big) with a pale moustache, he became a member of the Serbian Democratic Party (hereafter SDS) in 1990, and said there was nothing the world could teach the Serbs about concentration camps, since he had been born in one. He remained a proud nationalist. "The facts showed it necessary to destroy Bosnia. I wanted to make this Serb land. Without Muslims, yes. We cannot live together. I still hold that view., quote Dr. Milan Kovacevic. In the camps and detention facilities, the Serb forces (Red Berets) are said to have targeted the Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats, in particular intellectuals, professional and political leaders, and males of military age, who were singled out for killing, torture, and other inhumane treatment, same procedure was used by the Nazi SS with the Jews in Eastern Europe during the increased persecution pograms of 1938–1942. Serbian "Red Berets Secret Police" appear to be patterend after the Nazi SS of WWII, click here for VIDEO.

Red Berets, based in Kula Serbia, a government-sanctioned paramilitary group implicated in crimes in the 1990's wars in Croatia and Bosnia, see BBC News report. The JSO was formed in 1996 out of a group known as the Red Berets, which was set up by Serbia's security service in 1991, shortly before Croatia's declaration of independence. In October 2000 Milorad Legija was removed as leader of the JSO following a number of incidents - including the burning down of a disco in the northern town of Kula where the Red Berets have their base- his successor, Dusko Maricic, was considered equally unreliable.

The purpose of the Red Berets was to fight alongside, as well as to arm, train and co-ordinate the activities of various Serbian paramilitary formations in Croatia - and later in Bosnia-Hercegovina at the operation of concentration camps targeted for Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats, including the Omarska, Keraterm and Trnopolje camps, which Dr. Milan Kovacevic was in charge of. The notorious Special Operations Unit, aka the "Red Berets", was an elite police force that has since been linked to a series of murders and atrocities committed during the Milosevic era. The Red Berets - the special anti-terrorist unit of the Serbian secret police - which operated in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo all the while based out of Kula Serbia. Many of these paramilitaries ("Red Berets") were run by gangland bosses - the best-known among them the late Zeljko Raznatovic or Arkan , linked to the Zemun Clan Mafia.

From testimony in the trial of Serbian ex-President Milosevic at the Hague, K-2 (a protected witness) testified that in May 1995, after graduating from a police academy,he joined the Red Berets, that is, the special anti-terrorist unit of the Serbian secret police. He attended several training camps in Eastern Slavonija (part of Croatia which at the time was under control of Serbian forces) and was trained inmartial arts, including "silent liquidations" - using knife, cord or barehands to break necks. They were not allowed to tell anyone about their unit, about its purpose or name. During one meeting, Frenki told them that they "would have to do whatever they are asked to do to", that they "cannot refuse any order", and that, therefore, "the President's doors were always open for them". Questioned over which particular president Frenki had in mind, K-2 replied, "There was but one president, and that was Slobodan Milosevic."

Serbia: Red Berets Disbanded Mar o3 Kula Serbia; In a massive swoop on organised crime, police dissolved Milosevic's former elite police squad and detained thousands of suspects. Marking a new stage in its war against Serbia's heavily armed mafia, the authorities this week arrested the leading suspects for the murder of Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjic and disbanded the Special Operations Unit, JSO, better known as Red Berets. Zvezdan “Zveki” Jovanovic, deputy commander of the JSO and another member Sasa Pejakovic, were arrested on March 25/03. The same day the government disbanded the Red Berets after seizing their headquarters at Stolc, in Kula, in the northern province of Vojvodina.

The abolition of the JSO, which Milosevic set up in the early Nineties for use in the wars in Croatia and Bosnia, marks a milestone in the government's showdown with the mafia. It was closely connected to a lobby of suspected war criminals and mafiosi, which survived the fall of Milosevic's regime after key figures in the underworld helped the democratic opposition to seize power in October 2000. In return for their services, the new regime offered them an unofficial non-aggression pact, under which Milosevic's old warriors were left alone with their criminal empires intact. The same source said the police had broken up main force behind the assassination, the powerful gang from the Belgrade suburb of Zemun, led by a former Red Berets member Dusan "Siptar" Spasojevic and its ex-commander Milorad "Legija" Lukovic. Many Zemun gang leaders had already been arrested. Police also detained the founders of the Red Berets, Milosevic's former secret police chief, Jovica Stanisic and his close associate Franko "Franki" Simatovic. At the beginning of 1992, the accused's lawyers told the court, the population of Prijedor was stricken with "madness and nationalist hatred''. Serb politician Dr Milan Kovacevic had a final solution for the Bosnian's in his concentrations camps, Kovacevic, who died in detention in 1998, was accused of genocide.

Veselin Cerovic the current lawyer for Serb thug Miladin Kovacevic again shows up as the defense attorney for many of the arrested "Red Berets" in Kula and several of the Serbian Mafia members.

During his initial court appearance in the Hague, on July 30, 1997, Milan Kovacevic pleaded not guilty to all of the charges held against him. The Accused was assisted by Mr. Dusan Vucicevic and Mr. Anthony D’Amato, both from the Chicago Bar. His trial began on July 6, 1998.Milan Kovacevic died of natural causes on August 1, 1998 in his cell.

Sources who know Serb thug Miladin Kovacevic's father, Dr. Petar Kovacevic in Kula, said he shared many of Milosevic's extreme Serb nationalist views and felt that all the attention being devoted to his son's flight from the law stemmed from prejudice, Veselin Cerovic has been the lawyer for the Kovacevic family for years.

Vlada Kovacevic aka Tref (1958-1997) The murder of Vlada Kovacevic was the first in a series of assassinations of people who were very close to Slobodan Milosevic. Radovan Stojicic Badza, Zoran Todorovic Kundak and the Minister of Defense Pavle Bulatovic were assassinated after Vlada Kovacevic. But unlike Badza, Kundak and Bulatovic, Tref (the nickname Tref means club as in the ace of clubs) did not put the president under obligation by any political activity. The connection between the two was the president's mischievous son Marko Milosevic.

Miladin Kovacevic's father, Petar said "all around the world, they spread the lies that the Serbs only care about themselves," he told The NY Post last week. "This is simply not the case. There is a worldwide conspiracy against Serbia and they are always showing us in a bad light."

Dr. Petar Kovacevic of Kula Serbia has many friends throughout Belgrade police and Serbian national law-enforcement authorities, because he is often used as an expert witness in court to describe a crime victim's injuries, sources said. He is now suffering from cancer and failing kidneys that require regular treatments at the Military Hospital in Belgrade.

Despite the fact that Novi Sad Serbia (and nearby Kula) has the reputation of being a cosmopolitan city inhabited by over 20 nations, this town has become in the past fifteen years a sort of the center for skinheads , Neo-Nazis and similar groups of hooligans and troublemakers such as the leader of the neo-Nazi organization Nacionalni Stroj, Goran Davidovic, click for VIDEO.

Several neo-Nazi groups are based in the Kula & Novi Sad area of Serbia where Miladin Kovacevic is from. In 2006, Miladin Kovacevic's lawyer Veselin Cerovic had defended Predrag Milovanovic, an anti-Semitic youth (skinhead) who brutally attacked Israeli tourist Jariv Avram and his Serb girlfriend at a rock concert in Belgrade.

There are at this time, no direct links between Serb Miladin "Minja" Kovacevic ("Minja's" attorney is Vesilin Cerovic) and his father Dr. Petar Kovacevic to the previouly indicted Serb War Criminal Dr. Milan "Mico" Kovacevic. Although both Dr. Petar Kovacevic and Dr. Milan Kovacevic were supporters of and had direct links to
Slobodan "Butcher of the Balkans" Milosevic (Milosevic's attorney was Veselin Cerovic) throughout the tumultuous 1990s, and both Dr. Petar Kovacevic and Dr. Milan Kovacevic were directly involved with the Serbian Army and the War with Bosnia in the eary 1990's and there are links to the Serbian National Police for both of them.

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