Monday, July 14, 2008


This photo of Bryan Steinhauer, taken just a week before he was pummeled into a coma by massive Serbian jackass, Miladin Kovacevic, shows the Brooklyn-raised accounting major in good spirits as he approaches graduation and a job at top firm KPMG.

But a week later, on May 4/08, Steinhauer's life changed forever when 6-foot-9 280 lb Serb hoopster Miladin Kovacevic allegedly stomped on his head and chest in an upstate Binghamton bar fight, fracturing his skull and causing severe bleeding in the brain.

Steinhauer, 22, a mere 135-pound wisp at 5'6', has yet to wake up, and Kovacevic, 21, has become an international fugitive who jumped $100,000 cash bail bond (see Interpol red warrant poster). "We are devastated by the brutality and savagery of the beating," said Steinhauer's father, Richard. "Eight weeks after the attack, our son remains in a coma."

One of the two men charged along with the 6-foot-9 Kovacevic has said that he wanted to personally hunt down the missing assault suspect. "That jackass (Miladin Kovacevic) did it, and he deserves to go to jail," said Sanel Softic, who was in the bar during the attack on honors student Bryan Steinhauer. "I wish I could catch him myself and bring him back here myself (more like a job for "Dog the Bounty Hunter). I didn't do it, I didn't do anything."

Softic said his girlfriend, Melissa Cartagena, was groped by someone inside the Rathskeller bar before the vicious May 4 stomping. But he insisted there was no reason for Kovacevic to come to her aid, as Bryan Steinhauer never touched Melissa Cartagena.

The American ambassador to Serbia said Wednesday ,7/16/08, brutally beaten college student, Bryan Steinhauer, was in grim shape and implored the Serbian government to hand over the hulking fugitive charged in the case. Bryan Steinhauer of Brooklyn "weighs less than 99 pounds and is unable to eat" or speak, Ambassador Cameron Munter said in a stinging statement. "He remains in a coma after 2-1/2 months." Munter was countering recent reports in the Serbian media that suggested Steinhauer, 22, was in good condition after he was pummeled on May 4 at a Binghamton University bar, allegedly by Miladin Kovacevic. "This was not an ordinary bar fight," the ambassador said. "As he lay on the floor, Steinhauer was repeatedly kicked in the face and head, to the point where he had multiple fractures on both sides of his face and his skull."

Wrong place, wrong time for Bryan Steinhauer.

Bill Warner

Private Investigator

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