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Image result for AL-QAEDA AND AL-SHABAAB TERROR CELL WEBSITE FACILITATORS IN THE USA & UK THREATEN PI BILL WARNERAl-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab Terror Cell Website Facilitators in the USA & UK are Threatening Private Investigator Bill Warner. SEE VIDEO OF AL-SHABAAB TERRORIST LEADER ADEN AYRO BEFORE US MISSILE ATTACK BLEW HIM INTO LITTLE PIECES, CLICK HERE. "You know what i could say the same thing for nick berg, both animals died the same way, only one for them got a burial which unusual for a Jewish pig when mujahideen put the knife to his throat, personally i would've dumped him in a cesspool but i guess no rat of cockroach would his body around them!oh yes, you can share this message with your readers , especially its coming from a muslim". "ALLAH be praised! Abu ayyash Al ansaari"......."Abushabaab"  Translated By : Abo Bilaal for Contact us @

Recent site traffic; These are the most recent traffic hits for Ashabaab Al Mujahideen website. that translates for the al-Qaeda linked al-Shabaab group.United States -Sarasota, FL
Japan -(null)

United States -Alpine, CA
Netherlands -Amsterdam
United States -Georgetown, GA
Saudi Arabia -Riyadh
United Kingdom -Manchester
United States -New York, NY
United Kingdom ;London
United States -Fitchburg, MA
These are the countries generating traffic on the Ashabaab Al Mujahideen website linked to al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda terror groups.

United States 19.39%
United Kingdom 17.39%
Norway 4.54%
Canada 4.29%
Kenya 3.68%
Sweden 3.62%
Somalia 3.46%
Egypt 3.19%
Saudi Arabia 2.66%
United Arab Emirates 2.50%
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In the last 8 months I have been directly involved in shutting down 12 Al-Qaeda and Palestinian Islamic Jihad websites that promote the overthrow of the US Government and recruit suicide car bombers. Included in this list of defunct terror websites are Ramadan Abdullah Shallah's, the current world wide head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), see that I shut down last month and it is still shut down. The PIJ has a strong following in the Tampa Fl area 45 miles North of my location, see complete story on the shut down of Ramadan Abdullah Shallah's website, click here. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah is on the FBI Most Wanted Terrorist list, click here, for the complete FBI report on this jackass. The short list of terror/jihad website shut down by private investigator Bill Warner are seen by clicking here and here and here and here and here and here.

Bill Warner

private Investigator

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