My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Monday, June 09, 2008


TOLEDO CAR DEALER WASSIM MAZLOUM USED HIS CAR BUSINESS AS COVER FOR TERROR PLOT IN IRAQ. Mohammad Zaki Amawi, 28, of 4 Chelmsley Ct., Marwan Othman El-Hindi, 45, of 3524 Mayo St., and Wassim I. Mazloum, 26, of 5526 Grey Drive, Sylvania, were charged with conspiring to kill or injure people in the Middle East and with providing the “support and resources” to do so. Cars used as cover; Mr. Mazloum said that “he could use his business, buying and selling automobiles, as a cover for traveling in and out of Iraq.” State records show Mr. Mazloum registered two car dealerships — City Auto Sales on North Reynolds, south of Bancroft Street, and Ram Auto Sales on Monroe Street, west of Douglas Road. According to the government, the men became versed in terror attacks through videos and “jihadist” Web sites and sought to acquire powerful explosives. One of them talked about financing the operation by creating a dummy nonprofit organization, authorities said. Mr. Amawi is a Jordanian citizen who was living in Toledo; Mr. El-Hindi was a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Jordan who was living in Toledo, and Mr. Mazloum is from Lebanon but a legal permanent resident of the United States.Their citizenship and religion — each is Muslim — again put the focus back on a community still living with the fallout from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Wassim Mazloum, a 24-year-old legal U.S. resident had operated a car business with his brother in Toledo after entering the United States from Lebanon.

WASSIM MAZLOUM OWNS TWO USED CAR LOTS IN TOLEDO, "CITY AUTO SALES & RAM AUTO SALES", HE AND 2 OTHERS WERE GOING TO ASSIST IRAQI TERRORISTS TO KILL U.S. SOLDIERS, Indictment: United States of America v. Mohammad Zaki Amawi ...I have written extensively on the the untold number of terrorism cases where one of the chief terrorist perpetrators (al-Qaida) owned a used car lot, this has happened numerous times in the USA, the UK, Morocco, Japan, Bali, Saudi Arabia and Hamburg GR (Mohamed Atta). The three Toledo men accused of terrorism activities were not manipulated by a government informant and instead were planning acts for a holy war, a federal prosecutor told jurors yesterday in U.S. District Court in Toledo. Gregg Sofer, a U.S. Justice Department attorney, said in his closing argument that the defendants - Mohammad Amawi, Marwan El-Hindi, and Wassim Mazloum - were enthusiastic participants in forming a terror cell to wage war against American soldiers in Iraq. The trial for Mr. Amawi, 28; Mr. El-Hindi, 45, and Mr. Mazloum, 26, on terrorism-related charges moved into its final phase as jurors listened to more than 7 1/2 hours of closing arguments. The jury, which includes 12 trial jurors and three alternates, also was given instructions from Judge James Carr on applying the law to the evidence and testimony that they have heard since the trial began on April 1.

The bulk of the day was taken up by arguments from Mr. Sofer, who replayed excerpts of audio and visual recordings secretly taped by Darren Griffin, the government's paid informant and a key witness in the trial. Mr. Sofer said they could have walked away from the informant at anytime or refused to take his calls, but instead they continued to meet face to face with him for the purpose of training sessions for "violent jihad." Up next are the final 2 members of this terror crew the radical cousins Zubair A. Ahmed, age 27, who had resided at 3504 Green Bay Road, Apartment 309C, North Chicago, Illinois, and his cousin, Khaleel Ahmed, age 26, resides at 4501 N. Keystone Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Both are U.S. citizens. The father of Zubair A. Ahmed had given $50,000 to Co-Conspirator A to prevent the two cousins from getting involved in violent jihad, the father of Zubair A. Ahmed appears to have been very affluent and against the terror plot, Zubair is an only son.

On or about February 21, 2006, ZUBAIR and KHALEEL communicated by
. ZUBAIR advised KHALEEL, in part and in substance, that he had heard a radio report of the arrest of Separately Indicted Co-Conspirator A, and others (the 3 on trial above). ZUBAIR told KHALEEL, in part and in substance, that Separately Indicted Co-Conspirator A could have gotten them in big trouble. ZUBAIR stated, in part and in substance, that Separately Indicted Co-Conspirator A was a hypocrite because he took $50,000 from Zubair's father to prevent them from engaging in violent jihad. ZUBAIR stated, in part and in substance, that a true Muslim would not have helped ZUBAIR's father. KHALEEL asked, and ZUBAIR confirmed, that the 3 arrested individuals were the same people they had met at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in July 2004 and were from Toledo.

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