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Saturday, June 28, 2008


KULA SERBIA: Neo-Nazis threaten to kill independent journalist, from March 11th 2008 U.S. State Department Report . The Committee to Protect Journalists is alarmed by death threats made against Dinko Gruhonjic, head of the Vojvodina branch of the independent news agency BETA and chairman of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina, by a local neo-Nazi group in Novi Sad Serbia, see video here or click on photos above.
The threats, which were posted on a neo-Nazi Web site this week ( ), stem from Gruhonjic’s coverage of Goran Davidovic (his photo above and National Formation aka Nacionalni stroj, a neo-Nazi group based in the northern Serbian city of Novi Sad (and Kula Serbia), the journalist told CPJ.
A Serbian newspaper reported Wednesday 6/25/08 that Binghamton NY Bar Fighter Miladin Kovacevic had been spotted in the northern city of Novi Sad and in his nearby hometown of Kula Serbia. Paul Holstein, chief division counsel for the Albany division of the FBI, said the agency is doggedly pursuing Kovacevic.
Branka Kovacevic said that her son, who is a student at New York state’s Binghamton University,experienced “serious torture“ while in prison, after being thrown in with “the worst criminals“, and received death threats.
Branka also told reporters that Miladin was also not allowed to talk to a lawyer, and decided to leave the U.S. after receiving threatening phone calls, adding that he is currently “in his place of residence”. “We realized that we had to go. It was better to die on the way or disappear together than to disappear over there,” she said.
The American ambassador to Serbia said Wednesday ,7/16/08, brutally beaten college student, Bryan Steinhauer, was in grim shape and implored the Serbian government to hand over the hulking fugitive charged in the case. Bryan Steinhauer of Brooklyn "weighs less than 99 pounds and is unable to eat" or speak, Ambassador Cameron Munter said in a stinging statement. "He remains in a coma after 2-1/2 months." Munter was countering recent reports in the Serbian media that suggested Steinhauer, 22, was in good condition after he was pummeled on May 4 at a Binghamton University bar, allegedly by Miladin Kovacevic. "This was not an ordinary bar fight," the ambassador said. "As he lay on the floor, Steinhauer was repeatedly kicked in the face and head, to the point where he had multiple fractures on both sides of his face and his skull."
"We are all over this case," Holstein said. The U.S. has an extradition treaty with Serbia, although this in dispute as Serbia claims the 1902 extradition treaty lapsed when the country reorganized see here. and there is now no extradition treaty between the U.S. and Serbia.

Miladin Kovacevis favorite band is Pro Pain a New York City based hard core heavy metal death "Skinhead" band playing in Europe that fits the Neo Nazi profile, see one of their videos here , "IN FOR THE KILL"
GARY MESKIL-PRO PAIN.... No, I don't think so. There is a mix of kids in the crowd ranging from the more younger punks and skinheads, backpackers I guess you would call them, to old school hard core to old school metal. Just regular guys. I think it is a nice mix. I think it is because we don't have that mentality of being some type of subculture or a gang mentality. We don't alienate our audience and I think it has shown over the years that if you are an old school metal head, you are not going to be reluctant to go down to a PRO-PAIN show.
Gruhonjic’s reports publicized the National Formation group’s activities, including a 2005 organized attack where neo-Nazis armed with crowbars, attacked participants marking the anniversary of Kristallnacht—a pogrom against Jews throughout Germany and parts of Austria in 1938—according to local and international press reports.

In November 2006, a local court convicted 18 of the group’s members of inciting hatred and endangering public security. The group’s leader, Goran Davidovic (his photo above), was sentenced to one year in prison, according to local and international press reports. Davidovic, who is currently appealing the decision, is not in custody. Davidovic and other members of the group have threatened Gruhonjic in the past, local sources told CPJ.

Davidovic denounced the journalist as an enemy of the Serbian people and as a traitor in an autobiography published in December 2006. Gruhonjic has filed a civil defamation suit against Davidovic for the comments, the journalist told CPJ.“We call on authorities to thoroughly investigate the threats made against our colleague Dinko Gruhonjic, and take immediate measures to protect the safety of Gruhonjic and his family,” CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon said. “Every effort should be made to bring those responsible to justice without delay.”

Police are currently investigating the threats made against Gruhonjic but no suspects have been detained. Local journalists told CPJ they are frightened by the threats made against Gruhonjic and angered by the lack of reaction from authorities, which they say exacerbates the vulnerable position of independent journalists in Serbia.

Nacionalni stroj (National Formation) their group photo above, a neo-Nazi organization from the Vojvodina region (KULA & NOVI SAD), orchestrated several incidents in 2005. Charges were laid against 18 of the leading members in late 2005, and each of them faced up to eight years in prison. The group was still active in 2008, as was demonstrated by a display of religious hatred.
A Serbian newspaper reported Wednesday 6/25/08 that Binghamton NY Bar Fighter Miladin Kovacevic had been spotted in the northern city of Novi Sad and in his nearby hometown of Kula Serbia.

Blood and Honour has a branch in Kula & Novi Sad Serbia, where it is called Krv i čast. Its website claims that the group intends "to propagate revolutionary idea of National Socialism without compromise. Also, the intention of Serbian Blood and Honour Division is to motivate all NS followers to radical activities and not only to passive observing or listening to the music." Since 2001, this organization, with chapters in several Serbian cities (Kula and Novi Sad), organized several memorial concerts on the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth.
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