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Friday, June 27, 2008


BAR FIGHTER HIDING OUT IN SERBIA, KULA, Serbia - The wealthy parents of a hulking Serbian basketball player charged with viciously beating a Brooklyn student admitted they helped their son become an international fugitive by whisking him out of the country and back home because he had become a "scapegoat."

In the an exclusive interview with The Post,
Miladin Kovacevic's psychiatrist mother, Branka, said she urged her 6-foot-9, 260 pound son to flee US authorities after he was bailed out "because it had become a media circus where his voice was not being heard." His 6-foot-5 father, Peter Kovacevic, an orthopedic surgeon, said, "We feel he is a victim of small-town values ganging up against a foreigner. He was targeted because he was Serb and a very large man." Branka Kovacevic said that her son, who is a student at New York state’s Binghamton University, experienced “serious torture“ while in prison, after being thrown in with “the worst criminals“, and received death threats.

Branka also told reporters that Miladin was also not allowed to talk to a lawyer, and decided to leave the U.S. after receiving threatening phone calls, adding that he is currently “in his place of residence”. “We realized that we had to go. It was better to die on the way or disappear together than to disappear over there,” she said.

See Kovacevic's INTERPOL international wanted poster, click here.

Kovacevic was charged with pounding 5" 6" 130-pound Binghamton University student Bryan Steinhauer into a coma. Steinhauer, 22, of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, was the victim of a vicious beating at a popular college bar on May 4.

The American ambassador to Serbia said Wednesday ,7/16/08, brutally beaten college student, Bryan Steinhauer, was in grim shape and implored the Serbian government to hand over the hulking fugitive charged in the case. Bryan Steinhauer of Brooklyn "weighs less than 99 pounds and is unable to eat" or speak, Ambassador Cameron Munter said in a stinging statement. "He remains in a coma after 2-1/2 months." Munter was countering recent reports in the Serbian media that suggested Steinhauer, 22, was in good condition after he was pummeled on May 4 at a Binghamton University bar, allegedly by Miladin Kovacevic. "This was not an ordinary bar fight," the ambassador said. "As he lay on the floor, Steinhauer was repeatedly kicked in the face and head, to the point where he had multiple fractures on both sides of his face and his skull."

See Broome County bail receipt and partial Binhamton police report at this link, click here.

Miladin Kovacevis favorite band (photo above) is Pro Pain a New York City based hard core heavy metal death "Skinhead" band out that fits the Neo Nazi profile, see one of their videos here , "IN FOR THE KILL"

Quote'.. MUSIC AMERICA...Have you noticed much change in your (Pro Pain) fan base over the years? GARY MESKIL -PRO PAIN.... No, I don't think so. There is a mix of kids in the crowd ranging from the more younger punks and skinheads, backpackers I guess you would call them, to old school hard core to old school metal. Just regular guys. I think it is a nice mix. I think it is because we don't have that mentality of being some type of subculture or a gang mentality. We don't alienate our audience and I think it has shown over the years that if you are an old school metal head, you are not going to be reluctant to go down to a PRO-PAIN show.

Kula Serbia... where Miladin Kovacevic grew up and his parents live, he is now on the run with international arrests warrants issued by the FBI and Interpol for the near fatal beating of fellow Binghamton University student Bryan Steinhauer who is Jewish. Kula serbia is just North of Novi Sad Serbia the hotbed of Jewish hate and the neo-Nazi Nacionalni Stroj organization.

See map of Kula Serbia in realtion to Neo Nazi hotbed of violence in Novi Sad Serbia, click here.

Miladin Kovacevic's is believed to be hiding in Serbia, a Serbian newspaper reported Wednesday, 6/25/08, that Kovacevic had been spotted in the northern city of Novi Sad and in his nearby hometown of Kula.
Kula and Novi Sad Serbia are the home to the
Neo-Nazi group the "National Formation" aka Nacionalni stroj see their Novi Sad Serbia riot video here

Novi Sad Serbia....The association of Serbian Jews has asked the government to ban a neo-Nazi rally in the country's northern regional capital of Novi Sad, fearing a resurgence of the ethnic tensions and nationalism that previously led to the bloody breakup of the former Yugoslavia. The rally, planned by the neo-Nazi Nacionalni Stroj organization, has been scheduled for October 7 under the slogan "Serbian March, a March for Serbian Unity" and advertised on several ultra-nationalist and right-wing websites.

Kula Serbia..... Serbian media reported that Miladin Kovacevic's parents - wealthy physicians who live in the Kula suburb of Belgrade - gave Milosevic the money. "His father is a doctor and seems to have well-connected friends that made phone calls and were able to get this special passport," said Binghamton Police Sgt. Arnold Nanni. Miladin Kovacevic, He grew up in the town of Kula, Serbia, not far from Belgrade, (Kula is just North of Novi Sad) with his parents and younger sister. To get to Brlgrade Serbia from Kula Serbia you have to drive through Novi Sad Serbia.

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