My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Abu Salem’s Al Qaida links have raised eyebrows here and none other than India's Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani has said that there were reasons to believe that Abu Salem was working as a conduit for Osama bin Laden.
The fact that he was eventually nabbed in Lisbon Portugal (after arrival from New Jersey) with his Actress girl friend Monica Bedi is itself a wake-up call for the international coalition’s ongoing war against terrorism, particularly the bin Laden brand of terrorism.

Abu Salem owns a business establishment in the name of "Kings of Car Trading" in Dubai (telephone numbers 350240 and 350035). He owns a Mercedes car with registration number Dubai 4781. Stolen cars from all over the world are sent to Dubai for "rebirthing" and Abu Salem was right in the middle of it all.

Abu Salem had numerous real estate transactions in the USA and had been residing in the New Jersey area off and on prior to his arrest upon arrival in Portugal.

It may sound a bit strange but it is true that Abu Salem who is today under the custody of CBI is chiefly due to Dawood Ibrahim. It was Dawood who, four years ago, through his contacts alerted American intelligence agencies in the Gulf about Salem's presence in USA and his multi-million property deals in New Jersey.

That crucial tip-off marked the beginning of Salem's end. The rift between Dawood and Salem, which culminated in what is regarded as the mother of all betrayals in Mumbai's underworld, began in 1996. Police sources say that Salem started moving away from the Karachi-based don in that year. The chief instigator was Chhota Shakeel, Dawood's chief lieutenant, who would constantly tell him that Salem was getting very ambitious and was not to be trusted.

And although Salem contributed more more moolah to the D Company's kitty than Shakeel, Dawood became wary of him-even Salem's closeness to Dawood's brother, Anees, did not help. It was when he started investing in real estate in New Jersey that Dawood's men tipped off American intelligence operatives in Dubai about Salem's activities and his travelling on forged papers. Before the Americans could lay their hands on him, Salem slipped out of Uncle Sam's country and sneaked into Portugal.

Meanwhile, the Indian government is now pressing for the extradition of Samira Jumani, the first wife of the gangster. Samira, who married Salem in Mumbai in the early 1990s, is separated from him and lives in Duluth Georgia. The CBI has informed the Union Home Ministry that Samira manages Salem’s business interests in the USA.

In a recent development, the Interpol issued a red corner notice for Samira Jumani, the first wife of Abu Salem. CBI reports revealed Jumani is wanted for offences like criminal conspiracy, fraud and forgery. According to CBI sources, she could be privy to many secrets about the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts accused.

It is reported that she is hiding in the US under the assumed name of Neha Asif Jafri and has been taking care of the don's properties there.US yet to act on Salem wife's extradition. The US government was yet to act on the extradition request for gangster Abu Salem's wife, Samira Jumani, although it is more than a year since the request was made, CBI sources said today.

Samira has been booked in a passport forgery case registered at Lucknow, where Salem, who was extradited from Portugal, and Samira acquired genuine passports furnishing forged documents in the name of Akil Ahmed Azmi and Sabina Azmi respectively, the sources said.

She was tracked down in the US four years ago and the CBI made an extradition request a year ago, the sources said adding that although she is not wanted in the 1993 serial bomb blasts case, she could be privy to a lot of information.
The Kurnool police cleared files for three passports in April, 2001, which were later used for Abu Salem, Monica Bedi and one Sabina Azmi. The first passport, on the name of Ramil Kamil Malik with the address of 17/107, RT Street, Kurnool town, with birth year 1970, was used by Abu Salem, whose real name is Abdul Qayyum Ansari.
The second passport, on the name of Sana Malik Kamal, with birth year of 1974 and address of 10/102 B, Babu Gounda Street, Kurnool Town, was used by Monica Bedi and the third one, issued on the name of Neha Asif Jafri, with birth year of 1975 and address of 11/90, Osmania College Road, Kurnool Town, has been used by Sabina Azmi.
Sameera is wanted in connection with a passport case in Lucknow. Sources in the CBI told TOI that the extradition papers had already been filed. They alleged that Sameera had got a passport from Lucknow in 1993 on the basis of forged documents. Sameera lives in Duluth, Georgia. The name she used in the passport, Sabina Azmi, is the name she has retained till now. But Sameera Jumani is her maiden name. In fact, Salem had also acquired a fake passport from Lucknow with her at the same time, in the name of Akil Ahmed Azmi. The passports were issued on July 6, 1993, almost four months after the Mumbai serial blasts. Salem and Sameera were married some time in 1992.
When asked if her extradition could be a problem since she could have become a US citizen, CBI sources said they were not aware if she was a US citizen. Even then, the US can revoke her citizenship as she could have secured it by using a forged passport, they said. Samira and Salem procured the forged passports in July 1993 and subsequently, Samira settled in the US with an eight-year-old son from Salem.

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